How to Take Care of Your Leather Rug Properly

A quality rug can improve your room’s appearance, warm-up floors that are cold, and absorb echoes in a sparse living space. Leather rugs are no different, but they’re a little more expensive than other rugs. Still, they can last you long if you take proper care of them.

If it’s your first time owning a leather rug, you must be asking yourself, “how can I take care of my leather rug properly?”. Well, it’s quite simple; you just have to keep it clean. In this post, we’ll learn how to care for a luxurious leather rug.

Steps To Clean Your Leather Rug

Cleaning a leather rug can be a more delicate process than cleaning any other traditional carpets. First of all, you need to be careful with the washing solution you select, the type of brush you use, and how you blot it. If you do something wrong, you can damage your leather rug, and such a timeless piece should be kept in pristine condition.

For this reason, let’s take a look at how to properly clean your leather rug in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Shake it out

Take your rug outdoors and shake it out. This way, you can dispose of loose dust particles that may be trapped in your rug due to foot traffic or miscellaneous loose dust in the room. Once you have done that, you can return your rug inside.

Step 2: Mix water and mild soap

The second step is making the washing solution. All you will need is water and a bar of soft, natural soap. Mix both things in a bowl or a bucket, depending on the size of your rug. 

If the company you’ve bought the rug from doesn’t recommend cleaning it with water and soap, you can use a foam-based leather cleaner. 

Step 3: Dip a rag

Dip a rag into the cleaning solution and wipe delicately in circular motions.

Step 4: Wipe away residues

Use a second rag and dip it into the cleaning mixture to wipe away any residue from the soap or foam.  

Step 5: Blot the rug 

Use soft towels weighed down with heavy objects to blot the rug dry. You can use books, a weighted backpack, or a weighted shoebox. This will reduce the possibility of color damage or scratching from a cleaner you haven’t completely wiped away. 

If, after this procedure, the rug is still moist, bring it outside in a safe place to air dry.

Having Issues With Your Leather Rug?

If you encountered difficulties while cleaning your leather rug, or for any other reason, contact FINCA and we are glad to help. We are luxury leather rug manufacturers, and we can guide you on how to carefully take care of your exclusive leather rug, or find a solution to any problem that arises.