4 Reasons To Choose The CLARA Leather Clutch

Many might think that leather clutch handbags are impractical. Still, they are more convenient and beautiful than regular bags for special occasions and nights out. At FINCA, we designed the CLARA leather clutch to fit your needs and style in the best way possible. We wanted to keep it simple yet beautiful and functional.

Here are 4 reasons why you should choose the CLARA leather clutch as a new addition to your accessories and go-to items. 


With our sleek CLARA leather clutch, you can not only carry your essential items such as keys, lip gloss, and phone, but it’s a multi-tasker that doubles as a wallet and allows you to carry cash and cards. Even if you did decide to opt for a bigger bag, you could still make use of this beautiful and luxurious clutch as a wallet. 

It’s Minimalistic 

With bigger handbags, we tend to carry around many unnecessary items. Using the CLARA clutch will steer you away from carrying clutter in your purse and only carry those essential items you use daily. This will help you stay organized and with a luxurious clutch that will be functional. 

It’s Convenient 

The CLARA leather clutch is a luxurious and convenient grab and go. You won’t have to carry a bulky bag around that could prevent you from being comfortable during events, especially those that require a lot of walking. It will give your neck, shoulders, and back a needed break. We designed the CLARA to come with a wristlet that you can carry it from comfortably. 

Colors To Fit Your Style

Clutches can be a wardrobe refresher. You won’t need to spend more money on clothes, but simply adding a premium luxury item like a leather clutch will mix up your style and add more to your everyday look. At FINCA, we have the CLARA leather clutch in 6 of our signature colors. We want to ensure that you have enough colors to choose from to make the most of your clutch. 

Treat Yourself With a Luxurious Leather Clutch 

With these reasons and many more, it would be a shame to pass on such an incredible signature item. We use full-grain leather, which can last a lifetime. Not many can enjoy the luxury that FINCA products offer, we know you can so take advantage of it. We guarantee full satisfaction with our products. They are unique and made to perfection.