5 Unconventional Uses For A Leather Rug

Leather rugs have a timeless beauty and luxury, and many times they should be displayed in more ways than just as a rug. When you buy such an exclusive item, you can decide what use you would prefer for it to have. The options are endless, and they will only contribute to the aesthetic of any space in your home.

These unique rugs are made especially for you, here are 5 unconventional uses for a leather rug.  

1. Upholstery

Using a luxurious leather rug as upholstery makes for a strong design statement. Not only does it display the unique texture, marks, and color of the leather, but it can tie the look of the entire room. Leather is easy to clean, so you won't have to worry about its maintenance too much. Repurposing it as upholstery can bring a piece of furniture back to life, and it will be a piece exclusive to you.

2. Accent Ceiling Piece

Another unconventional use for a leather rug is using it as an accent feature on a ceiling. It can provide a new look for the room, and you can choose the color that best suits your needs. You can determine what rug size will fit the area you want to cover and even layer more than one leather rug to add texture and dimension. 

3. Headboard

Rugs can significantly change your room's look under your bed, but imagine how luxurious your bed would look if you incorporated the leather rug to your headboard. It would be a headboard exclusive to you and has all the properties and timeless beauty that authentic leather can only provide you with. 

4. Top Of A Table

A leather rug can be set on top of a table; whether it's a coffee table or dining table, it can be an accent piece that will make the table stand out. By having such an elaborate and unique piece on your table, you can save time and money on extra decor for the table, as the rug would serve this purpose. 

5. Attached To a Door 

Another way to make leather accent pieces in your home that nobody else has is by attaching your leather rug to your door. Not only will you be able to display the texture and design of your rug on the door, but it will also bring plain doors back to life. We guarantee that not many have the luxury of leather accents on their doors. 

Find a Luxurious Linked Leather Rug 

Now that we've explored a few unconventional uses for a leather rug, where can you find a high-quality one? At FINCA, we make our signature Linked Leather™ rugs by hand and offer 3 exclusive designs. We use the highest quality full-grain leather and inspect every piece to ensure perfection for the final product.