What's The Best Leather Rug For Your Bedroom

Nothing is better than getting home from work after a busy day and resting in a beautiful and comfortable bedroom. If you’ve been wanting to incorporate a leather rug as part of your bedroom decor, but want to find the best one, here are a few factors you should look into before making your final purchase. 

There are many options for leather rugs, but you should make sure that the manufacturer is careful with the quality, comfort, size, and maintenance of the rug you’ll want to purchase. 

Quality & Comfort 

When finding a leather rug, you have to make sure that it is fully leather and not mixed with other materials. The best kind of leather in the market is full-grain leather. When you take the time to find luxurious, high-quality leather, not only will it look beautiful, but it will be more comfortable. As a rug in your bedroom, you’ll want a comfortable rug to stand on first thing in the morning. 

Leather rugs provide texture and patterns that give room for comfort and aesthetically pleasing feel. 

Size of Your Room & Bed

Finding the best leather rug for your bedroom, you’ll want to get sizing right. You have to consider the dimensions of the room, the size of your bed, the number of rugs you’d like, and what areas you’d like for the rug to cover.

General Guidelines:

  • Standard Full-Size Bed: 6x9 rug depending on placement
  • Queen Size Bed: 8x10
  • King Size Bed: 9 x12

These are just recommendations or a starting point. Taking measurements is always your best bet, mainly depending on the rug placement you desire. Luxurious rugs can be custom made to the size and color of your preference.

Leather Rug Maintenance 

The best leather rugs are easy to keep clean. Cleaning a high-quality leather rug is as easy as using a damp cloth, and a small amount of soap is optional. Nothing is better than having a luxurious item that you can care for with minimum effort and knowing that it will only look better over time. 

FINCA Leather Rugs For Your Bedroom

At FINCA, you can find the best leather rugs for your bedroom. We carefully craft each rug with a centuries-old interlocking technique using full-grain leather. We offer luxurious rugs in a variety of colors and sizes. Not only are they long-lasting, but they are soft under your feet and are simply stunning.