How Long Do Leather Rugs Last?

There are a wide variety of reasons why leather rugs have grown in popularity. What makes them so attractive is their texture, colors, versatility, patterns, timelessness, and finally, their durability. How durable are leather rugs? The simple answer to this question is that leather rugs last a lifetime and some more. However, not all leather is the same, so durability varies.

Let’s take a look at some factors that influence leather durability to find how long your leather rug will actually last.

Leather Rug Quality and Durability

As previously mentioned, leather can be very durable. What really influences how long a leather rug lasts is the quality of the leather that is used. 

Faux Leather Rugs: If a rug is a faux leather rug, it is not leather, and it will not last. It is as simple as that. Faux leathers are attractive because of their price and ease to clean, but they crack after only a year of use. 

Bonded Leather Rugs: This is 4th-grade leather that is made from scraps making it weak and degradable quickly with constant use. 

Genuine Leather Rugs: Leather quality in 3rd place, but does not stand up to stress. It will get worn out fairly quickly.

Top Grain Leather Rugs: Stands in 2nd place for quality, but it is not top quality. It is strong and durable as long as its finish is not broken. It does not age as well, so it won’t look good even if it lasts longer. 

Full Grain Leather Rugs: This is the best leather your money can buy. It has far more endurance than any of the other types and can last a lifetime. It becomes more desirable and valuable over time. Rugs made from this kind of leather are the best quality and most luxurious. 

Paying attention and being careful with what type of leather you buy will make your investment worthwhile. 

Leather Rug Maintenance For Durability

Regardless of the quality of your leather, to extend the rug’s durability, it needs to be properly maintained. High-quality leather rugs don’t need more than just water and a rag to keep it clean, and it will look more beautiful with wear. Durable leather rugs improve with age with proper maintenance. 

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