5 Reasons to Pick a Leather Backpack

Moving from one place to the next is part of our lives, and counting on a luxurious yet functional backpack can make it a lot easier. If you are used to carrying a briefcase or a backpack, here are a few reasons why choosing a leather backpack can benefit you more than any other bag for your daily activities and travel.        

1. Long-Lasting

Leather is long-lasting, with the correct care, not only will it look better over time, but will last a lifetime. Leather backpacks are more solid than the regular nylon backpack. They have a bit more weight to it due to the incredible material. It has natural flexibility, which only adds to its functionality.

2. Easy To Maintain

One of the main benefits of a leather backpack is that you don't have to worry about getting it stained or ruined with a spill. Cleaning it is quite simple. To remove any dirt or dust build-up, all you need is a clean damp cloth to wipe it down. However, if you would like to add something extra to the maintenance routine, it's as simple as using a leather conditioner.

3. Beauty and Utility

Leather adds a sense of elegance and luxury. You can take advantage of the utility it brings with how spacious and compartmented it is, but with a sleek and classic look. In terms of usage and appearance, this is the best option for you. Although it is a backpack, you can use it on different occasions and for different purposes because it's leather.

4. Weather Resistant

Another reason you need a leather backpack in your life is that they are water-resistant. A drizzle won't damage the material, and the water will slide off the smooth surface. As an additional benefit, leather backpacks are heat resistant, so you won't have to be concerned about the items in your bag during the summer. 

5. Travel Friendly

Leather backpacks are spacious and have plenty of pockets so you can access the essentials when you travel. They are usually made to the perfect size to fit them under your seat on a train or airplane. Backpacks generally are more comfortable to travel with than suitcases, and having them made of leather provides even more security.

FINCA: Luxurious Leather Backpacks

At Finca, all of our items are luxury made with the most beautiful full-grain leather. Our Leather Backpack Collection is available in various colors; the backpacks are spacious and designed for your comfort and functionality. Since each backpack is handmade and carefully crafted for you, they are made to perfection.