Luxury Leather Goods, Made with Love in Nicaragua.

FINCA was the answer to a question posed during a street-side dinner conversation. How do we create 100 sustainable, enjoyable jobs for Nicaraguan workers? 

We’re thrilled to say that we’re well on our way. And every purchase gets us one step closer.

The skills our employees learn at FINCA will be passed through generations, and every opportunity our employees get to apply those skills is a joy for all of us. We love what we do, and it shows in our products. 

We use full-grain leather from free-range, Nicaraguan cattle. We use old-world, manual leather working techniques, cutting with metal blades, punching with forged tools, and sewing with German foot-powered machines. Our employees are salaried (not paid by the piece, as most leather shop employees are paid), which allows us to invest in training and instill a sense of professional pride. And if something’s not right, we re-do it. Every time.

Thank you for helping us employ a lot of wonderful people who take great pride in their work. - The FINCA family.