FINCA Linked Leather™ rugs are durable and luxurious. Following a few simple steps will set you and your rug up for a lifetime of enjoyment.

    1. Open the DHL box and lift the rug from the box using the handles on the included reusable storage bag. For rugs 8 x 10 and larger this process may be easier for two people.

    2. In a space large enough to accommodate your rug (over your bed or dining room table is good spot), gently unroll and unfold the rug until it is fully spread out. If necessary, flip the rug so that the tabs are facing down.

    3. Drape the rug over a bed or large table and begin slowly pulling on the edges to loosen the rug and allow it to spread out. Allow your rug to rest in this position for 30 minutes (or as long as overnight for larger rugs).

    4. Place the rug in the location of your choice and begin using it. Bare feet, dogs, boots, pajamas, whatever.

    5. You may see “lines” or “creases” within your rug upon opening it or placing it on the floor. This is normal and will subside, the leather will settle in a week or so. Using the rug, rolling it, unrolling it and walking on the rug accelerates this process. 

Rug Pad or Not?

If you wish to use a rug pad FINCA recommends using 1/4” wool rug pad with non-skid on one side. Whether you use one or not is a matter of preference for the most part. We recommend for kitchen and bath use for sure.

If you are using a rug pad cut the pad 3” to 4” smaller than the overall dimensions of your linked leather™ rug. Move all necessary furniture from the area where your rug will be placed and place the rug pad, non-skid side down, in the exact location of the rug. Then place the rug centered over the rug pad - this is easier with two people.