Leather Totes by FINCA

Shoulder bags and totes have grown in popularity due to versatility and convenience. At FINCA, we provide luxurious leather versions with unique designs that best suit you. We designed four exclusive bags in this category. All our designs are made with full-grain leather products that are handcrafted in Granada, Nicaragua. Experience the quality and durability of our exclusive luxury items. 


DIA- Leather Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bags are known for their incredible benefit that allows you to be handsfree while you are out. With our FINCA leather crossbody, you will have all your essentials at your side. You will enjoy the light, luxurious, and comfortable design while taking advantage of the lined interior and pockets. It is available in 3 colors, including Crimson, Espresso, and Charcoal. Each crossbody is made exclusively for you. 

BELLEZA- Leather Bucket Bag

For one of our beautiful yet practical designs, the BELLEZA bag is perfect for any occasion. We designed it with long straps that sit comfortably on your shoulder, and the unique tapered bucket shape tucks under your arm. Our exclusive design has a lined interior, a zippered pocket, and a keyring for your convenience. It is available in 4 of our signature colors. Enjoy this eye-catching, practical design on your day to day. 

TILDA- Leather Market Tote

Our luxurious TILDA leather market tote will stand out from the typical reusable bags you see at the farmer’s market. The design is sleek, spacious for all your groceries and other accessories. It has an unlined interior that allows it to be cool for your produce to last while you get home. The exclusive bag is available in 5 colors and is durable beyond comparison. 

LORCA- Leather Tote 

If you are looking for a long-tasting, top-quality, and luxurious work bag, everyday bag, or overnight bag, the LORCA tote is what you want. It is our unique, essential carryall, the perfect size that will fit just about anything, including a 15” laptop. It is beautiful, with a lined interior, zipped pockets, and available in 6 gorgeous colors that will make the leather stand out. 

You Won’t Want To Leave Your Home Without One

Our totes and shoulder bags are timeless designs with a modern flair that will add to your collection. Our leather is unlike any other, and we only offer premium quality while everything is handcrafted to perfection.