Leather Handbags by FINCA

If you're looking for unique, timeless, and luxurious clutches and handbags, at FINCA, we offer exclusive collections. We understand how important it is to have a handbag or clutch that will hold all your essentials and provide the perfect look regardless of where you go. All of our luxury products are handcrafted to perfection, and we only provide the best quality available in leather products. 


Beautiful and Versatile Totes 

We have two exclusive tote designs at FINCA. The LORCA leather tote is the perfect tote that holds everything you need. It can be used for work, to go out, for school, and much more. It has a lined interior with two zipped pockets and is beautifully designed for everyday use. This tote is available to you in 6 of our signature colors. 

Our second tote is the TILDA leather market tote. This is the ultimate reusable tote bag for your trips to the farmers market. The design is simple yet sleek and will fit a week's worth of produce with no difficulties. This eye-catching tote is available in 5 of our signature colors.

Luxurious Leather Handbags For All Occasions 

At FINCA, we designed handbags that vary in styles, so you find the one that is perfect for you. We designed the BELLEZA leather bucket bag to have long straps that sit comfortably on your shoulder. The luxurious tapered bucket shape tucks perfectly under your arm. It is a beautiful and practical bag. The DIA leather crossbody bag allows you to have your essentials at your side while keeping your hands hand-free. It is lightweight and sturdy enough to keep everything in place.

The exclusive LOLA leather handbag has a lined interior, phone pocket, and zipped interior pocket. It is the perfect size for your essentials and available in 7 of our signature colors. This luxurious bag will impress at any event and any place you attend.

Our Exclusive Leather Clutch 

The CLARA leather clutch in our collection is sleek and designed to hold your cards, keys, phone, and more. It may seem small, but it is capable of holding all your essentials on a day out. Our signature clutch comes with other details such as a wristlet, and the best feature is that it doubles as a wallet. 

Our Luxury Bags Made Just For You

Whether you are going to the market, a night out, or a picnic, at FINCA, we have the ideal leather bag. Our handcrafted bags are made with care and the best in leather. Our service is unparalleled, and we are ready to provide you with the luxurious, eye-catching bags you deserve.