Leather Backpacks by FINCA

One of the main functional accessories for any adventure or embarking a journey is your bag of choice. You must count not only on the functionality but also on the comfort, look, and feel of your bag. At FINCA, we offer luxury leather backpacks and travel bags that will carry all you need while providing you with a unique look. Each bag is carefully crafted by hand, ensuring that it is made exclusively for you. 


GARCIA Leather Backpack

Our GARCIA backpack is hand made with full-grain leather products from Granada, Nicaragua. It has a lined interior, sleek lines, and the perfect number of pockets. Due to these features, it can be used for work, school, or travel. Our carefully crafted luxury item is designed to be spacious and available in 5 of our signature colors, including Lava, Moss, Charcoal, Ruby, and Olive. 

The dimensions on the GARCIA are 12” wide x 14” tall x 4.25” across the bottom. It is a perfect size while not being bulky. However, if you would like a bigger design for traveling, FINCA will be releasing the GARCIA II. The new design will be greater in dimensions while still making sure it fits under the seat in front of you. A beautiful and exclusive design that is made to meet your needs. 

PACIFICA Leather Backpack

At FINCA, our PACIFICA leather backpack is made from free-range cattle, which adds to the beauty and unique details of the product. The backpack’s design is unique due to its rugged features and spacious design. It has plenty of room to hold shoes, clothes, and necessary items for a day out. 

The exclusive PACIFICA backpack was crafted with snapped front pockets where you have comfortable access to your essentials. It is also made with an unlined interior and top zipper closure that adds to its innovative look. The backpack is available in 4 colors, including Espresso, Sapphire, Lava, and Charcoal.

Unique, Versatile, and Ready For Everyday Use

Backpacks at FINCA are made to fit your needs while providing a unique look and the best quality. Our GARCIA and PACIFICA designs are perfect for every occasion and will surely stand out from other backpacks. Experience the durability and feel of a luxurious leather backpack in the color that best suits your taste.