Linked Leather™ Area Rugs by FINCA

Change is necessary from time to time, especially in our homes. If you would like to enhance a living space without the inconvenience of a full remodel, a rug should do the trick. You can completely change the style of your living spaces by simply adding a gorgeous leather rug. Rugs can anchor rooms, add warmth, provide layers, and define them. 

There are several ways you can decorate with a rug to change the style of an area. Here are 4 ways you can create change by adding a leather rug. 

Separating Spaces

Rugs are a perfect way to separate or define spaces. Some areas can include seating, living rooms, dining areas, or more. This is especially useful in apartments or open-concept spaces. It also works perfectly for larger rooms that need some definition. You can also add variety by using more than one rug to emphasize specific areas of a place. 

Target Specific Locations

If your living room, dining area, kitchen, or even your bathroom look a bit bland and flat, adding a leather area rug will change the style. It will give each location a different look and feel. You can constantly be changing these throughout the seasons. 


Your leather rug can be the basis of your color scheme if you want to transform your room with new furniture and decor. However, if you're going to keep what you currently own, the rug can be an accent piece or pulling in your current colors. 

Dress Up The Wall

Leather rugs are gorgeous and luxurious pieces. They are so versatile that they don't have to be used on the floor like a typical rug. You can use it as a wall hanging to display the beautiful color, quality, and texture and make it a focal point. 

Make A Change With Linked Leather™Area Rugs 

Linked leather is carefully crafted by hand with individual pieces at FINCA. We pride ourselves on the excellent craftsmanship and detail we work with. Our luxurious leather rugs are perfect for making a change of style in your living spaces. We can work with you for custom orders to create precisely what you need for any specific room.